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Who we are

MeMSeek is a Not for Profit Organization formed on the 11th February 2019. We are a registered Incorporate body in the State of New South Wales, Australia (registration number 1900271). We are not a Charity.

We live in a digital world. Yet the stories that are lock in our Monuments and within the Memories of Our Communities are being slowly forgotten.

Our aim is to bring the faces and the deeds of the people our society once valued back into our digital conscientious.

We do this through Bluetooth Beacons (Digital Monuments) placed in locations of significance and making a free mobile App available to all members of the public.

When a person comes into the range of a Digital Monument, they receive a notification

“I am here and I have a story to tell”.

Alfred Hermann Traeger


(1895-1980), engineer, Intrigued by radio, he obtained an amateur operator's licence and built the first pedal transmitter-receiver. The pedal radio was vital for the operation of the Royal Flying Doctor Operation where remote stations had no access to power.