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MeMSeek is a not for profit Incorporated body registered in New South Wales, Australia. Our registration number is 1900271. MeMSeek is not a Charity. We survive only by your kind donations. If you think, it is important to tell the stories of our Community Volunteers, who put their lives in harm’s way fighting bushfires. If you think, it is important to honour our Veterans and the Service Personnel who support them. If you think, it is important to remember our Forgotten Sporting Champions and their achievements in the sporting arena. If you think, it is important to keep alive the deeds of the People who gave their Communities their all. If you think, the Events that formed our Communities, for good or bad, need to be remembered. If you think, the stories of the Animals that shared our lives need to be told.

Because, if you are a person that thinks it is important to remember the memories of our past and to seek out our lost stories then please donate.

You can donate any value. Every small amount helps. Please make your donations in Australian Dollars.

MeMSeek uses PayPal to process your donation. This ensures that your personal and financial details remain secure.

Please Click on Image to the Make a Donation.


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