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Become a Founder

Champions Virtual Memorial Commemorating all Our Sporting Champions


Defenders Virtual Memorial

Our Frontline Defenders against the COVID-19 Virus


Heroes Virtual Memorial

Volunteer Bushfire Fighters and

Logistic Support Personnel


Names Virtual Memorial

Veterans and Military and Support Services Personnel


Palette Virtual Memorial

Remembering our Visual Artists

Past and Present


Pupils Virtual Memorial

School Days Commemorating Our Lives as Pupils and Teacher


Stage Virtual Memorial

Recalling Our Actors and Entertainers and Tecnical Crew Past and Present


Voices Virtual Memorial

Giving a Voice to Individual Monuments Memories to Our Past


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Before You Become A Founder

Terms & Conditions

One of our Team Members will contact you shortly to help you select which location you wish to sponsor. Once you have chosen your site, we will send you a framed certificate to acknowledge your kind sponsorship.