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Constable Angela Rose Taylor

On March 27 1986, shortly before midday, Constable Taylor left the Russell Street Police Complex to collect lunches for her colleagues. As she stepped on to Russell Street, she passed within 1 metre of a car packed with gelignite. At this time, the gelignite was detonated and the car exploded, showering the area with shrapnel. Angela suffered severe burns to 70% of her body and was hospitalised as a result. However, she died on 20 April 1986.


Become a Founder

A Founder is a person who founds or establishes a body or institution. In our case, a Founder is a Person or Organisation that covers the total cost (The Buy) for the Installation of a Digital Virtual Monument.

There are eight types of Digital Virtual Monuments Sites

Heroes – Volunteer Bushfire Fighters and Logistic Support Personnel

Names – Veterans and Military Service Personnel

Defenders - Our Frontline Defenders against the COVID-19 Virus

Palette - Remembering our Visual Artists Past and Present

Champions – Commemorating all Our Sporting Champions

Pupils – School Days – Commemorating Our Lives as Pupils

Stage -   Recalling Our Actors and Entertainers Past and Present

Voices – Individual Monuments Memorials to Our Cultural Past

As a Founder your name will be digitally attached to the Memorial. There can only be one founder for each site.

Once you have purchased an installation, you will be able to pick the location of the installation you wish to support (subject to the installation being available).

Please Click on Image to Lay a Foundation Store