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I attended four schools in my scholastic life. At school, we were taught to have pride in our school’s traditions, history and to hold those alumni that had come before us in high regard.

In our last year of school, we donated and planted 54 native trees planted around one side of the school grounds, as a memorial to the school and our personal link to it.

Two of my old schools no longer exist. There is no maker or memorial to acknowledge that they ever existed. In fact, one is now a car park. The second had our trees ripped out and replaced with blocks of apartments.

There is only one place where the history and traditions of every school still remains intact. That archive exists within the pages of the photo albums held by a school’s past pupils.


MeMSeek will bring those archives, its visual memories and past alumni back to their schools.

Through virtual monuments onsite, at each school in Australia, we will make those memories, traditions and history accessible to the passing public.


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