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Do we remember Edwin Flack who placed third in the Victorian 10 mile cross-country championship, held at Oakleigh (Park) Racecourse? Do we remember Boy Charlton who won the 440-yard freestyle race in the open division at a New South Wales Swimming Association competition? Do we remember when Mina Wylie beat Fanny Durack in the 100-yard breaststroke and the 100- and 220-yard freestyle at the Australian Swimming Championships at Rose Bay?

All from these early beginnings went on to become Australian Gold medals winners at the Olympics.

Whether one wins a gold medal or comes last in a local sporting competition.

Yet their names, although honoured by monuments, have no recognition within our modern consciousness. They remain our Forgotten Champions.

What we propose is to bring their existence back into their origin clubs and associations.

We do this so that next generations of sports men and women can take their lead and get to know them and their sporting achievement.

To bring our Forgotten Champions back to where they began their first competition.